OSP Advantages

Proud to be 100% Employee Owned – the engine behind OSP’s empowered advantages!

Employee ownership means we have skin-in-the-game
 Employee ownership “levels-up” Quality for our customers
Taking pride in our in-house machinery repair/rebuild capabilities
 Our employee owners’ combined  skills and years of experience translate directly into your OSP Advantages: Employee ownership:  IS the Added Value
 Competitive Pricing Creative and Collaborative Solutions Solving customers’ difficulties with machinability of a part’s design and cost drivers
 Stocking programs / On-site tool design & build / Prompt personnel service  The difference between a Dream and a Goal is a Deadline . . . . . . . . . . . .

Welcome to the OSP Advantage

Since 1945, we have what it takes to quickly incorporate your design into a finished product. Our Product Review staff was built from the ground up and is exceptionally skilled and focused on serving your unique requirements. Consisting of Manufacturing Engineering, Quality Engineering, In-House Tool Design, and a Process Review Team, our ability to transform your design into a completed part is unparalleled! Our mission is to ensure a smooth transition from your concept to full production — WELCOME to the OSP Advantage!

Ohio Screw Products, Inc.
818 Lowell St
Elyria, OH 44035
P: 440-322-6341