Points of Exclusivity

  • Backup seals for no-weep and no-leak connections for all applications
  • Each seal works independently
  • Interchangeable with standard plugs
  • Exceptionally high unit loading at the interface
  • Invokes elastic memory between mating surfaces
  • Wide assembly torque range
  • Technology that repeatedly seals offered in Boss Port Plugs, Magnetic Plugs and Flare-o Fittings along with specialty Banjo Fittings and the Zero Leak Sight Glass Plug
  • Enhanced choice of materials for service allowing lower torque values
  • Extremely effective in vibration, temperature variation or pressure spike environments
  • Contributes to significant system cost-out efforts
  • Individualized technology to accommodate each customer’s requirements
  • Can be modified to adapt to specific equipment needs
  • Expansive range of applications suitable for both aftermarket Service Kitting or OEM’s in Hydraulics, Off-Road Vehicles or the CNG Industry to name a few


The Zero Leak Technology stands up to the rigors within your system and will not leak! Period!

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