Highly Versatile Sight Glass Plug

Ohio Screw Products’ True Sight Plug utilizes our Zero Leak Technology and allows for a “tool free” inspection and verification of fluid levels required for safe and proper operating conditions of any application utilizing fluids for cooling or lubrication (oil, transmission fluid, water, etc.).

  • Used in Oil Reservoirs, Tanks and Vessels both static and vibratory
  • Operating temperature range of -40° to 300°F (-40° to 149°C) and Max. 520 psi
  • Substantially lower cost with increased benefits
  • Proven durability and strength as supported by test results from the independent testing lab of Kalian Analytical
  • White interior reflector provides easy-to-see positive visual display
  • Seal design not affected by system’s environmental temperature swings or geographically related temperature ranges

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